Director, Sisters of Cinema

After attending Seattle Film Institute courses, Wanna Choy; author, actress and filmmaker based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Seattle, WA, began her film career in 2015. Even though she spent over 25 years honing her skills as an Entrepreneur with degrees in Business Administration and Real Estate Brokerage Management, she always loved film since a young girl watching outdoor movies in Hong Kong. Wanna is CEO of Background Studios and COO of Soul Element Films. She is a content creator and writer, collaborating with other filmmakers to bring empowering stories to the big screen. As a member of Women In Film and the Director of The Sisters of the Cinema through the coveted Santa Fe Film Festival, Wanna is bringing valuable awareness for diversity and equality for women and the disabled in the international film community.

Currently, Wanna is working with academy award-winning actor, Wes Studi in a Native American short film, “Saynday.” Executive Producer for “Midnight Shanghai the Movie.” and “Veterans With Hobbies,” Producer for “Paranormal Investigators” and “Shifters”. She wrote, directed and produced “Operation Eco-Renovation in 2015.” Highlights of Wanna’s recent acting credits: Big Trouble In Seattle (Michelle 2019), Paranormal Investigators (Gina the Ghost 2019), Candy Bar Heist (Customer 2019), Silence (Police Officer), Half Brothers (Bus Passenger 2019), The Darkening 48 Hour Horror (Demon 2018), Midnight Shanghai the Pilot (Mrs. Chan 2017), Lean On Me (Student 2017), Season of the Witch (Doctor 2017), The Spill Effect (Micki 2015).