Film Schedule

Santa Fe Film Festival, May 1-4, 2014

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Wednesday, April 30th  Jean Cocteau Cinema

  • 7:00pm  Big Significant Things (85 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Bryan Reisberg) At 26-years-old, Craig (Harry Lloyd), seems to be doing pretty well for himself.  He has job stability, a supportive family, and is about to start a wonderful new chapter with his girlfriend.  With big life changes on the horizon, what better time to lie to your girlfriend so you can go on a road-trip by yourself to the South? Direct from its premiere at South by Southwest. In Person: Actor Harry Lloyd


Thursday, May 1st  Jean Cocteau Cinema

  • 1:00pm  An Honest Liar, (90 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Justin Weinstein, Tyler Measom) This documentary tells the incredible story of the world-famous magician, escape artist, and world-renowned enemy of deception, James ‘The Amazing’ Randi.
  • Shown with excerpt from The Gene Myth: The Evolution of a Dangerous Idea (Dir. Stephanie Welch) Examines the conflict between a more equal society and justifying inequality by blaming genetic differences.


  • 3:30pm Walk On (84 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Mark Bashian) Walk On documents the journey of Joseph Kibler, a physically disabled 21 year old who was born HIV Positive then trains for a lifelong goal of walking in a 6.2 mile AIDS walk.
  • Shown with: Memoriae Defunctorum (5 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Robert Benjamin) Finding meaning in the mundane, a morning jog triggers poignant memories of the past.


  • 6:00pm Salt of the Earth (1954) (95 mins.) (USA) Dir. Herbert J. Biderman) Based on an actual strike against the Empire Zinc Mine in New Mexico, the film deals with the prejudice against the Mexican-American workers.


  •  8:15pm I Always Said Yes: The Many Lives of Wakefield Poole (Documentary Feature) (90 mins.) (Dir. Jim Tushinski) Wakefield Poole was a pioneer as a dancer in the Ballet Russe, choreographer for Richard Rogers, and erotic art film director whose career spanned the golden years of Broadway, television, porno chic, and gay liberation.
  • Shown with: Monsura is Waiting (15 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Kevin Newbury) From the director of the SF Opera’s Oscar is a comedy of redemption and sequins involving two aging showgirls, one giant moth & a very long night in Bridgeport, CT. In Person: Producer Matthew Principe and Actress Nell Gwyn - Co-Presented by the Santa Fe Mountain Center’s Adventure Out Program



Friday, May 2nd Jean Cocteau Cinema

  • 10:45am Jardin de Amapolis (Narrative Feature) (90 mins.) (Columbia) (Dir. Juan Carlos Melo Guavara) A Farmer and his 9-year old son, Emilio, are exiled by rebels and find refuge in their Cousin  home.  Emilio is forced to work in the Amapolas crop, while Simon befriends a girl of his own age when they both get caught up in their cousin’s greedy plan.
  • Shown with: Without Fire (20 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Eliza McNitt) A young Navajo girl must find a way to heat her home in order to save her asthma-stricken mother from a bitter winter storm.



  • 3:30pm Boogie Stomp, (Feature Documentary) (86 mins.) (Dir. Bob Baldori) Boogie Stomp! tells the story of boogie woogie, its origins, subsequent history and ongoing development while profiling its two greatest living players. Director in attendance.


  • 6:00 Beneath the Harvest Sky, (Narrative Feature) (117 mins.) (Dirs. Aron GaudetGita Pullapilly) Two best friends are fiercely loyal to one another, as they come of age in a small farming town in Maine. During harvest break, one of them is drawn into smuggling drugs to Mexico.


  • 8:15pm On the Nature of Hotness: GLBT Shorts Program
  • Change Over Time, (7 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Ewan Duarte)
  • Scotty Works OUT (14 mins.) (USA) (Dan Pal)
  • Nothing Like Ivanhoe (10 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Bug Davidson)
  • In My Skin (13 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Alejandro Rodriguez)
  • Sexa Pills (7 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Fulsad Shyrai)
  • Families Are Forever, (21 mins.), (USA), (Dir. Vivian Kleiman)
  • Broken (21mins.) (USA), (Dir. Ilay Ron)
  • On The Nature of Hotness (9 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Christine McHugh) Directors in attendance.

Friday, May 2nd Center for Contemporary Arts

  • 1pm The Other Brother, (Documentary Feature), (71 mins.), (USA), (Dir. Kristy Higby) This film illuminates the extraordinary lives of a solitary and troubled man who found solace in little else but his art while his brother is a successful artist and professor. Director in attendance.
  • Shown with: Scattered (26 mins.), (Dir. Lindsay Lindenbaum) The filmmaker’s late father–a man obsessed with documenting his life on film–unravels his own story by recording those he left behind.


  • 3:30pm Love Is Strange: RonCom Shorts Program
  • Le Train Bleu (18 mins.) (France) (Dir. Stephanie Assimacopoulo)
  • Rolling Romance (29 mins.) (USA), (Dir. David Conley)
  • Molly, (12 mins.), (USA), (Dir. Craig Elrod)
  • The Scratchcard, (6 mins.) (U.K.), (Dir. Ben Coverdale)
  • Pear (17 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Krista Whetstone)
  • In The Dark (15 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Bettina Bilger)
  • Sheltered Love, (10 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Alex Italics)


  • 6:00pm The Club (Feature Documentary) (72 mins.) (USA) (Dirs. Katie Green and Carlye Rubin) The Club tells the story of the special bond between women who lose their mothers early in life, including, interviews with Jane Fonda, Molly Shannon, and Rosie O’Donnell. Directors in attendance. Co-Presented by Girls Inc.
  • Shown with: This is Normal (19 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Ryan Welsh, Justin Giddings) A young Deaf woman undergoes cochlear implants while risking her friends, culture, and identity to hear her sister sing for the first time.


  •  8:30pm Sneak Preview - Death & Taxes, (Narrative Feature) (93 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Peter McCarthy) A henpecked accountant mysteriously returns from the dead on the night his wife is getting engaged to her plastic surgeon. In Person: Director Peter McCarthy
  • With short Sky Blue Collar (8 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Derek Frey) A businessman and a carpet installer enjoy a wild and playful friendship until their class-conscious bosses pressure them to steer clear of each other.


  •  10:15pm Drunktown’s Finest (Narrative Feature) (Dir. Sydney Freeland) (USA) (95 mins.) On a Navajo reservation in New Mexico, three young people – a devout Christian; a father-to-be; and a promiscuous transsexual – search for love and acceptance. Cast in attendance.



Saturday, May 3rd Jean Cocteau Cinema

  • 11:00am RETROSPECTIVE OF THE FILMS OF PRODUCER MICHAEL FITZGERALD The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (Narrative Feature), (124 mins.) (USA), (Dir. Tommy Lee Jones) A man is shot and quickly buried in the high desert of west Texas. The body is found and reburied in Van Horn’s town cemetery.


  • 1:15pm RETROSPECTIVE OF THE FILMS OF PRODUCER MICHAEL FITZGERALD The Pledge (Narrative Feature), (124 mins.) (USA), (Dir. Sean Penn) The night he retires as a Nevada sheriff, Jerry Black pledges to the mother of a murdered girl that he will find the killer.


  • 3:30pm Let The Record Show (Feature Documentary) (89 mins.) (Dir. Demetrea Dewald) Bringing the red ribbon to the world grew into a symphony of New York City artist voices sharing their passion, compassion, pain, and strength in the face of AIDS in the 80s and 90s. Director in attendance facilitated by psychotherapist Phillip Retzky, MA, LMHC. Co-presented by Southwest Care Center.


  •  6:00pm Closer to The Moon (Narrative Feature), (112 mins.) (USA /Romania/Italy/Poland), (Dir. Nae Caranfil) Starring Emmy and Oscar nominated Vera Farmiga and set in Bucharest 1959, the story involves a spectacular Bank heist that has the country in an uproar. In attendance: Producers Richard Romero, Michael Fitzgerald, and Actor Harry Llyod.


  • 8:45PM Tatanka, (Documentary Feature) (90 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Jacob Bricca) This follows the extraordinary journey of Kit Bricca, a man whose uncompromising idealism changed the world but nearly tore his family apart as he organized with Joan Baez and Cesar Chavez in the Sixties. Director in attendance.


  • 10:45pm “The Horror! The Horror!”: Shorts Program
  • The Drain, (9 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Collin Blair)
  • Woyzeck, (19 mins.) (Germany) (Dir. Minona Vietinghoff)
  • Playing with the Devil (7 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Nick Stenzel) Director in attendance.
  • Tokyo Halloween Night (23 mins.) (Japan) (Mari Okada)
  • Touch (2 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Hideto Shimizu)
  • The Landing, (17 mins.), (USA) (Dir. Josh Tanner)
  • Let Go (5 mins.) (Germany), (Dir. Daniel Ruczko)
  • Citizen’s Band (13mins.) (USA) (Dir. Wro Stephens)

Saturday, May 3rd, Center for Contemporary Arts

  • 1:00pm Growing Pains: Adolescent Short Films for Adults
  • Acquired Taste, (33 mins.) (USA) (Dir. David Ruchman), Director in attendance
  • Bully, (24 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Robert Weiermair)
  • Slow and Steady, (12 mins.) (USA). (Dir. Anne Kaempfer)
  • Guest House, (25 mins.) (Dir. Aaron Wolf), (USA) In Person: Actor Michael Gross and director Aaron Wolf


  • 3:30pm Moving From Emptiness: The Life and Art of a Zen Dude (69 mins.) (Documentary Feature) (USA) (Dir. Shaeri Richards) Zen calligraphic painter Alok Hsu Kwang-han opens the door to a world of magical brush strokes and enchanted students on the verge of his 75th birthday. In Person: Alok Hsu Kwang-han plus Directors Shaeri Richards and Jerry Hartleben
  • With The Novelist (9 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Noelle Knopp) A struggling writer finds inspiration in a small town coffee shop.
  • Also shown with: Globe Trot (5 mins.) (International) (Dir. Mitchell Rose) 54 filmmakers on all seven continents each contribute two seconds of movement by renowned choreographer Bebe Miller.


  • 6:00pm McConkey (Documentary Feature) (USA) (109 mins.) (Dirs. Murray Wais, Rob Bruce, Scott Gaffney, David Zieff, Steve Winter) Shane McConkey is revered as a pioneer of freeskiing and ski base jumping, and through his talent and unique, irreverent outlook on life, inspired countless lives. In Person: Director Rob Bruce


  •  8:30pm Queens and Cowboys: A Straight Year on the Gay Rodeo (Documentary Feature) (93 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Matt Livadary) The International Gay Rodeo Association has been roping and riding across North America for the past 30 years as an unsung part of the LGBT community. Co-Presented by the New Mexico Gay Rodeo Association (NMGRA)









Sunday, May 4th Jean Cocteau Cinema

  • 10:45am Children of Internment, (Documentary Feature) (USA) (90 mins.) (Dir. Joe Crumb, Christina Wagner) Thousands of German families were interned by the United States during World War II, taken from their homes and schools, denied ‘due process’ and imprisoned in detention camps throughout the United States and Latin America. Directors in attendance.


  •  1:00pm Wrenched (Feature Documentary) (92 mins.) (USA) (Dir. ML Lincoln) The anarchistic spirit and riotous books of Edward Abbey carry on the tradition of activism and take on the degradation of the American Southwest. Narrator  Jack Loeffler in attendance.
  • Shown with: My Forest (7 mins.) (Belgium) (Dir. Sebastien Pins) A child travels throughout the forest to discover its magic, its mysteries and its meanings.


  •  3:30pm #Hashtag – (Pilot Pitch) (10 mins.) (Dir. Hannah Macpherson) The original Santa Fe made series, This pilot is the product of the winners Angelique  Midthunder and Amber Midthunder. A mother and daughter team who submitted their trailer to the SHOOT SANTA FE PILOT PROJECT CONTEST in 2013 for the Santa Fe Film Festival’s 1st Annual Film Industry Tune Up. SFFF raised a prize package worth $25,000 of cash and industry resources to reward the winner of the contest. These resources provided them with a professional production, from equipment to crew and much more #hashtag used their prize to create this debut. The pilot and will air with the other 18 submissions that were turned in.
    • Three high school girls are tagged in a horrifying online video in which a teenage girl is shot.  IS THIS A harmless online prank?  There is no body, no missing girl… Is it real or fake?  As threats and clues buried in various social media sites surface, the teens take over the investigation in order to stop the killer before there’s another victim.
    • “#hashtag” is a smart, dark thrill ride about the underbelly of social media and the online world where kids hang out today (they aren’t chilling at the mall anymore).  This show is about exploitation, manipulation, bullying, friendship and romance.  The feeling of being sixteen hasn’t changed, even when everything else has.
    • This show is a realistic look at teens and the online apps that shape their daily human experience.  It is an exploration of how the new language of social media has impacted today’s youth, and how parents, law enforcers, and teachers can’t possibly keep up.


  • 4:45pm I AM NM FILM New Mexico Shorts Program
  • What to the American Slave is the 4th of July? (6 mins.), (Dir. Justice Whitaker)
  • Gregg Treinish: A MoveShake Story, (15 mins.), (Dir. Alexandria Bombach)
  • Spirals in the Sky, (7 mins.) (Dir. Anna Aguilar)
  • Deliver Us From Evil, (15 mins.) (Dir. Robert McDermott)
  • Pscyhe Ascending (15 mins.) (Dir. Peter Kershaw)
  • Void (25 mins.) (Dir. Justin Golightly)
  • Pigeon Camera, (15 mins.) (Dir. Stanley Ray)
  • Eve Angelic (13 mins.) (Dir. Luca Ceccarelli)
  • Zombiewood, (14 mins.) (Dir. Lauren Petzke)


Sunday, May 4th Center for Contemporary Arts

  • 1pm Real People: Doc Shorts Program
  • Passion and Acceptance: a short film about National Geographic Photographer William Albert Allard, (15 mins.), (USA), (Wayne Thomas)
  • Do Not Duplicate, (30 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Mary Anne Rothberg) Director in attendance.
  • Half Sour, (15 mins.), (USA) (Dir. Mary Ann Rothberg)
  • Unconditional (25 mins.) (USA) (Kelly McKenna)
  • Love Needs No Words (11 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Susana Caceres), Director in attendance


  • 3pm Light Me Up: Animated Shorts Program
  • Complementary, (3 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Chris Zappe)
  • Tears of Inge, (4 mins.) (Canada) (Dir. Alisi Telengut)
  • Animation Hotline (5 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Dusty Grella)
  • Salmon Deadly Sins (7 mins.) (USA), (Dir. Steven Vander Meer)
  • Espresso Manifesto (7 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Shaun Pitz)
  • Creation and Hope (10 mins) (USA) (Keith Carter)
  • The Last 40 Miles, (14 mins.) (Dir. Alex Hannaford)
  • Rabbit and Deer (16 mins.) (Spain) (Dir. Peter Vacz)
  • Green Acres (6 mins.) (USA) (James Beck)
  • Light Me Up (7 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Derek Dolechek)
  • Blue, (8 mins.) (USA)


  • 5:30pm I Am Bialik (77 mins.) (Narrative Feature) (Israel) (Dir. Aviv Talmor) A poet and literature teacher is informed that his father has died, then embarks upon a legal battle over his inheritance, during which he discovers that his grand father was the illegimate son of the Israeli national poet Haim Nahman Bialik.
  • Shown with: Yoel (24 mins) (Israel) (Dir. Noa Yaffe) Yoel, 34-years-old, is a cook at a fast food diner who shares a night of intimacy with an older neighbor after getting kicked out of his house by his mother.


  •  8:00pm Nothing in Los Angeles (Narrative Feature) (94 mins.) (USA) (Dir. Rob Herring, Alexander Tovar) A 25-year-old aspiring writer-filmmaker wants to write a screenplay about L.A. while he dates a woman twice his age with three kids. Director in attendance.
  • Shown with: Love Sick Lonnie (8 mins.) (Dir. Chad Mathews) A heartbroken man suffers from an embarrassing affliction. He can only communicate through the lyrics of boy band songs.