Children of Internment

Sunday, May 4th at 10:45am

Jean Cocteau Cinema

Documentary Feature | 90 mins.| USA
Directors: Joe Crump, Kristina Wagner

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Thousands of German families were interned by the United States during World War II. They were taken from their homes and schools, denied ‘due process’ and imprisoned in 200+ detention camps throughout the United States and Latin America. Children of Internment tells their riveting story using live interviews with those who were interned, family photographs and historical footage. In attendance: Directors Joe Crump, Kristina Wagner plus former internees Eberhard Fuhr, Anneliese Krauter, and  Eric Gehrman.  Discussion facilitated by Charles Maynard of KSFR.

Children of Internment – Documentary Trailer from Joe Crump on Vimeo.