In January, 2011, after decades of Hosni Mubarak’s brutal oppression, millions around the world watched via Facebook and mainstream media, as Egyptian protesters poured into Tahrir Square, demanded an end to autocracy, and declared they were ready to give up their lives for freedom.

Egyptian Activist Nadine Sherif explains the price that thousands of protesters were willing to pay: “The value of freedom was much stronger than their fear of being beaten or even being dead…because we all know we are going to die… how we are going to die makes all the difference. Do you go away with dignity or with cowardice?”

Told from the perspective of the revolution’s leadership and key organizers, director Fredrik Stanton’s “Uprising” documents the struggle for freedom against tremendous odds, and the courage it took to bring democracy to Egypt.

A shocking, emotional film with footage never before seen in America, “Uprising” gives the impression that you were there. The historical revolution that sparked an Arab Spring includes interviews with U.S. officials, Egyptian and Jordanian foreign ministers, and Nobel Peace Prize nominees. It provides an authoritative behind-the scenes view of one of the most dramatic events of a generation.

In the early stages of the revolution, President Obama called Egyptian protesters an “inspiration to people around the world.” To many Americans, the very idea that ordinary citizens could overthrow a well-established, well-financed, well-entrenched government was astounding.

In the making of the film, Stanton made several trips to Egypt to interview the revolution’s leaders. On his first trip, Egyptian authorities impounded his video equipment and he was forced to make direct contact with Egyptian filmmakers who covered the event as it was unfolding.

Which direction will Egypt go? It would be highly unusual for a documentary to have a sequel, but due to continuing Egyptian conflict, the firsthand accounts and understanding that Stanton provides in “Uprising,” this may be one that does.

Winner of the 2012 Silicon Valley for Best Feature Documentary and nominated for Most Inspirational Documentary at the 2012 Orlando Film Festival, “Uprising” will screen at 7:00 p.m. at the Center for Contemporary Arts Studio.

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