In celebration of the 13th Annual Santa Fe Film Festival, filmmakers from around the world were invited to create a 30-second trailer based on the festival’s 2012 theme, “Dream Awake” through Talent House—a community of artists and collaborators who hang out and make stuff for famous people, or for themselves at Over 30 trailers of 30 seconds each were entered, watched and voted on.

The winner—who receives PR and movie-making software—is Galo Tobías from Barcelona, Spain. Tobías is a cinematographer, graphic artist, film producer, screenwriter, still photographer—an all-around talented guy! You can view his company reels at Here are some stills from his trailer for our Festival:


Tobías’ trailer is a retro exploration of film with richly-hued images of a typewriter, film running through a reel, and the sounds and music that accompany creating film. His trailer will show in front of 10 films at the festival this year.

“The piece I submitted,” Tobías said in an email interview, “is the result of a technical-aesthetic experimentation I went through about two years ago, the intention is to get a very accurate visual result and close to what might be an abstract thought.”

The trailer took three days to create: one day to brainstorm and write the idea, one to film in his studio and collect films from Barcelona, and the last day to edit the video and sound. He used an old typewriter from his grandparents and a second-hand projector as props.

The resulting trailer he made for the Santa Fe Film Festival, “highlights and brings the feeling of the creator of a poetic, nostalgic yet strong force…and shows what the filmmaker and dreamer desperately want to capture on celluloid.”

Although the filmmaker has created exemplary work for his clients, including Nimbo Solutions, Pirelli, Sol Meliá, and even editing, color-grading and producing effects on the latest Kayle video, “Sex Addiction“, the dreamy, impermanence in his SFFF trailer, is closer to what Tobías’ own dream of true filmmaking is:

“For me, daydreaming, is the way of life that drives me every day to make films: to watch the little details that we want to show in life, torn between reality and dreams, crossing the line that separates the two; to understand the meaning of the whole; to decipher those little signs that present themselves; and to then write in a journal—a diary—with light and sound.”

Felicidades, Galo!

You can watch Galo Tobías’ trailer at, or click this link.

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Quotes from Galo Tobías:

“La pieza que presenté, es el resultado de una experimentación técnica-estética que vengo desarrollando hace aproximadamente dos años, la intención es conseguir un resultado audiovisual muy fiel y cercano a lo que podría ser un pensamiento abstracto. En este caso, el Trailer realza y aproxima el sentimiento del creador de una manera poética, nostálgica y a la vez fuerte y contundente como la maquina de escribir que golpea con fuerza, y el proyector que escupe luz y deja ver lo que sueña el cineasta y quiere desesperadamente plasmar en celuloide.”

“Para mi, soñar despierto, es la forma de vida que me impulsa cada día a hacer cine, observar los pequeños detalles que la vida nos quiere mostrar. Debatirse entre la realidad y el sueño, cruzar la linea que los separa y entender el sentido del conjunto. Descifrar y entender aquellas pequeñas señales que se nos presentan para luego escribirlas en un diario, un diario con luz y sonido. “

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