My Forest

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Feature Documentary | 92 mins. | USA
Director: ML Lincoln

My Forest

How many words does it take to express joy? In the case of “My Forest,” from Belgian Director Sebastien Pins, not many words are spoken; they’re not needed. Told through the actions and reactions of a child, this film takes a fresh and artistic approach to nature conservancy. It uses sight, sound, touch, taste, and sub-textual and subliminal messaging to deliver its point; it’s incredibly effective in its story telling.

When a four-year old boy runs through a forest, marveling at the feel of a towering oak and dipping his chubby fingers into a honeycomb, he stops short at the felling of a tree so tall he can’t see the top; even his young mind comprehends what it means to see the old oak lying on the ground.

Beside the film’s powerful visual message of heartache and happiness, filmmakers will want to see “My Forest” for its editing and phenomenal cinematography. There will be questions. While filmmakers might inquire, “How did they get that shot?”, moviegoers might ask, “Where can I buy a copy?”

“My Forest” will screen at the Santa Fe Film Festival with the documentary film “Wrenched” on Sunday May 4, 2014 at 1:00 pm at the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe.

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