Cinema DifferentFebruary 17 – 21, 2021

Best Picture
(All films qualify)

  1. The Big Ugly
  2. In Sync
  3. Dog Dreams
  4. NEUL未知ND (The Unknown)
  5. Alma’s Pond
  6. Submission Tape

(All films qualify)
The Horror Crowd

  2. The Garage
  3. Under the Lights
  4. DeLorean – Living the Dream
  5. In Sync
  6. SAVE ME

Best Story
(All films qualify)
DeLorean – Living the Dream

  1. Tomena
  2. In Your Arms Tonight
  3. Black Heart, Red Hands
  4. SAVE ME
  6. Man of Joy (Narrative Short)

Best Short
(All films under 40 minutes qualify)

  1. The Woman Under The Tree
  2. Let the World go on Sleeping
  3. ALINA
  4. Variant U
  5. Glint
  6. The Tragic Tale of Willis Wilde

Best Feature
(All films over 40 minutes qualify)
Broken Gaiete*

  1. Saving Beauty: Learning to Live with the Rare Ones Among Us
  2. Misha
  3. Toprak
  4. Motorvation
  5. Parallel Minds
  6. Secret Agent Dingledorf and His Trusty Dog Splat

Best Film Experience
(All films qualify)

  1. Brief Survey
  2. Is That You, Joe?
  3. An Object of Merit
  4. Rowing for Gold
  5. Jamie
  6. The Awakeover

Best Documentary
(Must interpret factual material)
Stand Up Stand Out: The Making of a Comedy Movement

  1. A Night in the Shelter
  2. We Are All In This Together
  3. Growing Solutions
  4. Shepherd’s Song
  5. In the Same Direction: Jeff Pifher & Socrates’ Trial

Best Performance
(On screen talent – All narratives qualify)
The Garage

  1. Spin Cycle
  2. Rizo
  3. Crab Bucket
  4. Frankie and Jude: Star Wars – The Search for Jude
  6. The Evil I’ve Seen

Best Cinematography
(All films qualify)
Under the Lights

  1. Havana
  2. The Appointment
  3. Thought I Lost You
  4. Recipiphany
  5. TIMES
  6. Volunteer

Best Music in Film
(Soundtrack – All films qualify)
Knock Knock

  2. Chicos: A Northern New Mexican Tradition
  3. Cultured
  4. Shipwreck
  5. Sofa So Good
  6. Übel

Best International Film
(Must be made outside the US)

  1. Pola
  2. Dog
  3. Let Be
  5. The Scent
  6. Bertin

Best Animated Film
(Must be at least partially animated)

  1. The Winter
  2. Sea Critter
  3. Malady of Mine (short)
  4. EXT
  5. Instants of Cindy Sherman
  6. Incubation Period

Spotlight on New Mexico
(Films all or partially made in New Mexico)
Overturned Bucket

  1. Typhoon
  2. Photo Op
  3. Halftrack To Hell
  4. Seven Arrows “Juvy Cowboys”
  5. Still In My Heart
  6. Torchlight

Sisters of Cinema Award
(2 of the 3 principles must identify as a woman. 1. Writer 2. Director 3. Producer)
Player One

  1. April Kills The Vibe
  2. Carnival
  3. Hung Up
  4. Signal
  5. The Hideaway

Best Music Video
(Must integrate a song or album with imagery)
Jabee “Hope”

  1. Adult Children Part II
  2. Incubation Period
  3. Lost Lula
  4. Make Me
  5. Pas de Deux
  6. Wild Animals

Best of Native Cinema
(Story must resemble Indigenous culture in some way)
EARL BISS – The Spirit Who Walks Among His People

  1. Yupkӧyvi – The Place Beyond the Horizon
  2. Inner Self
  3. One Word Sawalmem
  4. Bad River
  5. Only the Earth and the Mountains
  6. Totems

Best of Latin Ciné
(Story must resemble the Latin culture in some way)

  1. Malinchista
  2. From Heaven is Cali
  3. El Viaje
  4. Food of Love…a Trilogy
  5. Para Todo Mal…Para Todo Bien
  6. Sana, Sana… Un Dicho

Best of Afro Cinema
(Story must resemble the Afro Cinematic culture in some way)

  1. White Gold
  2. Adult Children Part II
  3. Black & White
  4. Honor Among Thieves
  5. Nocturnes

Best of LGBTQ+
(Story must resemble the LGBTQ+ culture in some way)
Jesse James

  1. Kapaemahu
  2. 62-84, I Didn’t Copy That, HQ
  3. Show Me Yours…
  4. The Audience
  5. Uncle Zsiga
  6. Stand Up Stand Out: The Making of a Comedy Movement

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