The Santa Fe Film Festival celebrates all facets of cinematic arts - here in New Mexico, regionally and globally.

About the Santa Fe Film Festival

The Santa Fe Film Festival’s beginnings started organically over forty years ago as an off-shoot from another regional festival creating a “New Directors/New Film” program in partnership with MOMA (NYC) which attracted many notable Hollywood directors and film stars.

From this start as a hub for celebrating and supporting filmmakers, the Santa Fe Film Festival was officially created in 1999 as a nonprofit and awarded “The Cider House Rules” as the first Best Feature, which also won the Oscar that year.

Over the years, the Santa Fe Film Festival has garnered international industry acclaim receiving submissions from all over the globe by bringing together distinguished industry professionals and film-lovers alike to enjoy independently created cinema.

We welcome you to experience our festival and support this moving picture art form.

The Santa Fe Film Festival is a cultural, not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization.