Hitchcock Behind the Berlin Wall: A Preview of “Barbara”

East Germany in 1980 was a place of great paranoia: who could be trusted? No one. Definitely not friends, not even family. They could all be betrayers. The Berlin Wall hadn’t come down and sinister surveillance, persecution and…

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Passing the Baton: A Preview of Shorts Program I

In the 2012 Santa Fe Film Festival’s presentation of this trio of short films about honor and right of passage, an Afghan boy, an ousted Iranian Prime Minister and an adolescent Somali, search for a way to leave their mark on the world.

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Dare to Dream: A Film Preview of “The Sapphires”

“The Sapphires,” screening at the 2012 Santa Fe Film Festival, is a film about the healing power of music and four young girls who overcome politics to follow their vision of success.

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FDR Confidential: A “Hyde Park on Hudson” Preview

It’s a widely known fact that FDR had a long-term love affair with Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd, Eleanor Roosevelt’s social secretary. However in “Hyde Park on Hudson,” screenwriter Richard Nelson brings to life a much more obscure tryst between President Roosevelt (played by Bill Murray) and his sixth cousin Margaret “Daisy” Suckley.

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Writer/Director Nick Gaitatjis: Obstacles On the Road Less Traveled

Gaitatjis’s own road to America came when he emigrated from Greece in the late 1970s for a better education. By 1986, he turned to professional filmmaking.

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Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

WITHOUT BORDERS, a multi-generational film from director Nick Gaitajis, answers the question: If I lost the only thing that ever gave my life meaning, what would I do to get it back?

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Zen and the Art of Motion Picture Editing

When Oscar-winning editor Hughes Winborne spoke with great humor at the Santa Fe Film Festival’s special presentation of “The Final Rewrite,” his idea of a Hollywood movie editor’s Help Wanted ad might have sounded something like this: HELP…

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Breaking thru Guatemalan Injustice: A Review of CAPSULAS

With a fictional view into the very real world of Guatemalan drug trafficking, director Veronica Riedel’s “Capsulas” delves deep into corruption, violence and greed. Winner of South Florida’s Women International Film Festival for Best Dramatic Feature Film, “Capsulas”…

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Honoring Lance Hool: Producer, Director, Actor

On September 30, the Santa Fe Film Festival Board of Directors invites the Santa Fe community to attend a dinner in honor of Lance Hool, CEO of Santa Fe Studios. A three-course dinner and silent auction at Encantado…

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Do You Have an Appetite for Art? Indulge in the Santa Fe Arts Festival

For the last two weeks of October, Santa Fe, New Mexico will be an artistic feast for visitors and locals with appetites for art, architecture, music, history, film and food. From October 20-23, The Santa Fe Film Festival…

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