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Get your All access VIP Pass for only $250 by clicking below The Santa Fe Film Festival has brought to life the silver-screen for over 17 years! And this February 2018 we are back to present our 17th…

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Baraka 25th Anniversary

Article by Anne Maclachlan BARAKA: Behind the Blessings With 1992’s Baraka, director Ron Fricke, composer Michael Stearns, and producers Mark Magidson and Alton Walpole have created a wordless cultural—and internal—journey unlike any other. Enhanced by award-winning composer Stearns’s score,…

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2 weeks to submit your film!

1. The submitted film must be the original work of the Filmmaker. 2. A student submitting a film must provide a photocopy of a current and valid student ID or a letter from his/her school verifying enrollment. 3….

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