Pilot Pitch | 10 mins. | USA
Director: Hannah Macpherson

Starring Amber Midthunder

Three high school girls are tagged in a horrifying online video in which a teenage girl is shot.  IS THIS A harmless online prank?  There is no body, no missing girl… Is it real or fake?  As threats and clues buried in various social media sites surface, the teens take over the investigation in order to stop the killer before there’s another victim.

“#hashtag” is a smart, dark thrill ride about the underbelly of social media and the online world where kids hang out today (they aren’t chilling at the mall anymore).  This show is about exploitation, manipulation, bullying, friendship and romance.  The feeling of being sixteen hasn’t changed, even when everything else has.

This show is a realistic look at teens and the online apps that shape their daily human experience.  It is an exploration of how the new language of social media has impacted today’s youth, and how parents, law enforcers, and teachers can’t possibly keep up.

The original Santa Fe made series, This pilot is the product of the winners Angelique  Midthunder and Amber Midthunder. A mother and daughter team who submitted their trailer to the SHOOT SANTA FE PILOT PROJECT CONTEST in 2013 for the Santa Fe Film Festival’s 1st Annual Film Industry Tune Up. SFFF raised a prize package worth $25,000 of cash and industry resources to reward the winner of the contest. These resources provided them with a professional production, from equipment to crew and much more #hashtag used their prize to create this debut.

In Person: Cast & Crew

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