Who is Jessie Bridges? By Elisabeth Joanna Smith

Jessie Bridges—daughter of Producer/Actor Jeff Bridges—is an emerging singer and songwriter. When Jessie’s father asked her to work with him on the film “True Grit,” their first stop was Santa Fe, NM. After a benefit concert, Jeff and Jessie played with local band “Daze” and performed some of the music from “Crazy Heart” on a streetconstructed stage.

While she hesitates to categorize her music style, Jessie’s latest album includes Bluegrass songs such as “Heartbreakin’ Heart’ and “Something to Miss” as well as titles “Let It Breathe” that’s a cross between Pop and Bluegrass.

Jessie grew up in Santa Barbara, CA and at fourteen, learned to play guitar from her dad,“… my dad taught me to play guitar, it came pretty naturally to me…we jammed together. I always had a love of music. It’s something I value – a way to connect with yourself emotionally.”

Outside of music, Jessie has an unusual reason for having gone to culinary school; her favorite food is sandwiches. “They are the reason I went to culinary school, experimenting with different flavors.” She doesn’t consider herself a chef though, “I graduated with high honors, but I just like to cook. I just love to cook and I do it well.”


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Watch Jessie Bridges play backup with her father Jeff Bridges and the Abiders. February 4, 2015