Justin Marmion has been a resident of New Mexico for most of his life with ties to the beautiful land of enchantment dating back to the first Spanish explorers that settled Santa Fe in the 1600s. Marmion served in the New Mexico Army National Guard as an Officer for many years and takes great pride in having served New Mexico during many of our state emergencies such as the Los Alamos fire and the winter storm relief operation of 2004.

Marmion began his film career as background talent in the film “Brothers” staring Tobey McGuire and Jake Gyllenhaal. On that film he received his first speaking role. Since then he has pursued his dream of making films as an actor, stunt performer and eventually earning the opportunity to be a Stunt Coordinator on the docudrama series “Gunslinger’s”.

Eventually Marmion decided to write, produced, and direct while building his production company in Santa Fe. Freedom Compass Productions is dedicated to telling stories showcasing the many supernatural legends of New Mexico and highlight the colorful, rich and diverse culture of New Mexico.