SFR Picks—Week of Feb. 2


Santa Fe Reporter Article

We understand it’s a little confusing to differentiate between the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival and the Santa Fe Film Festival, but while the indie version starts in October, February’s all about the older of the two and its more films than we could possibly list here (it’s seriously dozens). For 10 days this month, find SFFF offerings at various theaters around town—and don’t forget that you’ll have to get vaxx’d and boosted—and be able to prove it—to attend. Masks are also required. Is this the spot where we mention how Santa Fe has better movie-going options than cities thrice our size? Because we do. In other words, if you’re a fan of film and want to be in the know about what the indie champs are doing, here’s a good start. (ADV)

Santa Fe Film Festival: Various times Thursday, Feb. 3. $10-$212.50. Various locations,