Law Abiding Angels

Showtime: Dec 11th, 5:45 PM at the Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe Law Abiding Angels is a satirical short film about the bureaucratic machine that Heaven has become and one angel’s struggle to bring back love and compassion into the Heavenly…

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Hold Onto You

Showtime: Dec 9th, 6:00 PM at The Screen, Santa Fe University of Art and Design Shown with A Dangerous Idea A Stranger travels through a silent film dreamland to reunite with his love in the real world.

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Monster Slayer

The Monster Slayer Project is a collaborative art project by a group of artists, filmmakers, actors, and writers in the greater Gallup, New Mexico area. The project is inspired by the portion of the Diné Bahane concerning the Hero Twins,…

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Shadows of Waste

      Showtime: Saturday Dec 5th, 4:30 PM at the Center for Progress & Justice A man waits for a woman, she’s late. An existentialist walk through time. Shown in New Mexico Shorts Cinema. OFFICIAL WEBSITE SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITES

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The Price of Milk

New Zealand milk farmer Rob gives his lover Lucinda a ring. Trying to spark up her relationship with Rob, she takes her friend Drosophila’s advice and starts to try and make Rob angry. But she tends to go too far.…

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Asylum Seekers

Six people on the verge of a breakdown decide to check themselves into an insane asylum, only to discover there is just room for one.

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