Coverage from Jackson County Herald-Tribune

By Jessica Coleman

Contributing Writer

    Donna Wells spent her childhood and teen years in Edna before heading off to college and majoring in journalism before discovering a love for theatre.

    Today, she lives in New Mexico, and spends her time making documentary films. Her documentary HorseKeeper, is currently showing at the Santa Fe Film Festival – the third festival it has been featured in.

    HorseKeeper is Wells’ third film, and follows Jackie Fleming, a woman who runs a 1400-acre wild horse sanctuary in New Mexico that is home to 40 wild mustangs. Fleming previously appeared in Wells’ first documentary, She Had Some Horses, and was “just so interesting,” that Wells felt she deserved her own documentary.

    “She’s something of a renaissance woman,” said Wells. “She’s written three nonfiction books that are stories of these horses. She’s written two novels that have a lot of history in them, because she is a history buff. The ruts from the old Santa Fe trail run through her property. She is also a landscape painter.”

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