American Indian Graffiti

AMERICAN INDIAN GRAFFITI: THIS THING, LIFE is an ensemble drama about four Native Americans whose lives intertwine with one another, taking place over one summer. STEPHANIE, a recent high school graduate, has been rejected by the colleges she dreams of attending. To make matters worse, she learns her mother tried to abort her when she was born. With this new knowledge, she struggles to overcome her lifelong feelings of guilt and rejection. RACHEL, Stephanie’s best friend, learns that her life plans are not taking the path she desires, and her friendship with Stephanie has become severed. Because of these things, she believes there’s nothing to help her overcome the pain and agony she feels from the death of her mother and brother, not realizing that her refuge is in finding forgiveness for the man who caused their death. STEVE, at the age of twenty-three, has become a famous artist. All of his life’s dreams have come true, causing him confusion and fear of not having any more goals. These feelings affect his creativity, causing him to be blocked. With his dilemma, he pushes those who love him away, not realizing that having your dreams come true may not be the thing you need in this world but more importantly, it’s love. BARRY has lived the majority of his life with the guilt of causing two deaths in a drunk driving accident. Isolating himself, he finds comfort in his loneliness. But only through the unlikely friendship of an eight-year-old girl can he gain redemption and happiness.


Tvli Jacob, Steven Judd


Tvli Jacob, Steven Judd

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