To dance. To control another self-image of being lonely and vulnerable.
But Such a figure also comes to accept itself. To control oneself from time to time by dancing. Wouldn’t it be possible to move on with it?

It’ll be all right if you just laugh. I was going to say, “Tomorrow will be fine.” But I don’t think I actually knew that solitude had become a host and was encroaching on me. When you find yourself feeling numb and numb gradually. I was even afraid that I couldn’t do it anymore. Someday this feeling may swallow me up.

I think we should avoid this feeling of loneliness and not suppress it. Because human beings have this sense of solitude. And even this, I feel beautiful. Some of the things we’re most attracted to are us.

There’s something similar, something empty, something that’s missing, something that’s broken. a lonely ball that follows us.

These feelings of falsehood make us stronger, make us art, make us small.
It’s like making you dance. I’m the host of solitude, and I really sleep.
I hope you can control.

Year Released:2019
Country:Korea, Republic of