Acquired Taste
Short | 33 mins. | USA
Director: David Ruchman

Short | 24 mins. | USA
Director: Robert Weiermair

Slow and Steady
Short | 11 mins. | USA
Director: Anne Kaempfer

Guest House
Short | 25 mins. | USA
Director: Aaron Wolf

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Acquired Taste
A young food critic in a small town with no food options forms an unlikely friendship with a brash, New York City master chef who arrives in his town.

Bully (World Premiere)
When a video of Toby being brutalized at school appears on the Internet, his parents take action. But Toby soon learns that his demons aren’t just in the classroom.

Slow and Steady 
Max is on a mission to make Christmas with her father a success, but a one-night stand and an untimely death might prove too much to handle.

Guest House
Lance Wesley moves back into his parents’ Guesthouse after losing his job and girlfriend when relics from his past pay him a visit.

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