I Am Bialik

Nominated for an Israeli Film Academy’s Ophir Award for Best Picture.  Aviv Talmor, a poet and literature teacher is informed that his father that he has never known, has died, bequeathing him one Israeli Lira (less than one penny). Aviv embarks upon a legal battle over his inheritance, during which he discovers that his grand father was the illegimate son of the Israeli national poet Haim Nahman Bialik. Aviv is excited by the prospect that he could be the great grand son of the legendary poet. Israeli’s literary community, however, is shocked by his claim and goes to war with him to clear the national poet’s good name.

Trailer “I am Bialik” – feature from Nir Fibach on Vimeo.

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Shown with:
Short | 24 mins | Israel
Director: Noa Yaffe

Yoel, 34-years-old, is a cook at a fast food diner who shares a night of intimacy with an older neighbor after getting kicked out of his house by his mother.


Aviv Talmor




77 minutes