In Colombia, cultivating poppies (Amapolas) is a dangerous, but lucrative business. Farmer EMILIO and his 9-year old son SIMON are exiled by rebels and find refuge in Cousin WILSON’s home.¬† Emilio is forced to work in the Amapolas crop, while Simon befriends LUISA, a girls of his own age. She is obsessed with a puppy dog she can’t afford. Simon then steals the dog for her during the day, just to return it each night. Then, Wilson discovers Simon’s secret and uses it to blackmail him in order to achieve his own greedy plan.

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Shown with:
Without Fire 
20 mins. | USA
Director: Eliza McNitt

A young Navajo girl must find a way to heat her home in order to save her asthma-stricken mother from a bitter winter storm.

Director:Juan Carlos Melo Guavara
Length:90 minutes
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