Friday February 14th, 4:00 – 6:00 PM

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“Some people will say things, and then our life will turn into some kind of drama. But in reality, our life was not a drama. Vera and Zak, in real life, were crazy in love! It’s just that sometimes, storms are brewing when you’re not paying attention, and that’s why I didn’t see it coming, the catastrophe.”


Through her luminous story, Yanna, 7, shares the details of a life that was meant to be sheltered from conventions and preconceived ideas. A life of freedom, passing with the rhythm of the rain and seasons, marked by the devouring passion of her parents, Zak and Vera. A tender and poetic point of view revealing a story bit by bit, like a veil lifted from a secret.

Director:Mariloup Wolfe
Year Released:2019
Country: Canada
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