Where does creativity come from? According to Zen calligraphic painter Alok Hsu Kwang-han it arises from emptiness, that silent space that houses the intelligence prior to thought. Armed with rice paper, ink, brush and a collection of Zen koans and teachings, Alok opens the door to a world of magical brush strokes and enchanted students. On the verge of his 75th birthday and with a new love in his life, Alok employs his teachings to confront his own personal history.  In Person: Alok Hsu Kwang-han with Directors Shaeri Richards and Jerry Hartleben.

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The Novelist
9 mins. | USA
Director: Noelle Knopp

A struggling writer finds inspiration in a small town coffee shop.

Globe Trot
5 mins. | International
Director: Mitchell Rose

54 filmmakers on all seven continents each contribute two seconds of movement by renowned choreographer Bebe Miller.

Director:Shaeri Richards, Jerry Hartleben
Length:69 minutes
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