A moment of loneliness. A chance encounter at a bar. When Taylor (Makinna Ridgway) follows the clean-cut Wyatt (Quincy Newton) home to his RV, it seems like a good way to take her mind off her recent fight with her boyfriend. What begins as a good time starts seeming like a bad decision when Taylor awakens in the woods, far from civilization. Wyatt, it turns out, is a soil researcher, and as he leads Taylor deeper into the woods throughout his workday, the two bond over the lush Canadian landscapes. For Taylor, it is a journey of beauty and self-discovery-so why does it feel like a tragedy in the making? TAYLOR’S WAY is both a gorgeous film and a subtle one, swapping out the horror genre’s reliance on gore for a general sense of unease. First-time director RenĂ© Brar takes his time establishing the mood and toying with audience expectations. With stunningly natural performances, beautiful cinematography and an unrushed, hypnotic pace, TAYLOR’S WAY is a sophisticated twist on a well-worn genre.

Director:René Brar
Writer:Chris Kinsella
Year Released:2009
Length:75 minutes
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