Rachel de la Torre


Rachel de la Torre is a North American film and television actress best known for portraying powerful, complex and alluring adventurous characters such as Cecelia Dram in Meow Wolf Las Vegas, an officer in Deputy and Briarpatch, and as artist Georgia O’Keeffe in Looking For Mr. Stieglitz. Born on an island of Washington state to the first Mexican-American Chief Game Warden and a doctorate educated mother, the youngest of four, she began her career as a child, performing professionally in classical and musical theatre and continued on to receive a degree at university in Geology and Theatre. A perfect blend of tomboy and glamour, Rachel’s inquisitive, intellectual and athletic nature has led her to fearlessly explore the human condition through diverse opportunities and continents. Rachel has also been a wildland and aircraft rescue firefighter, choreographer and producer of large scale productions for youth and a fashion runway model. Rachel’s sharp-witted portrayal of Cecelia Dram in Meow Wolf Las Vegas is anticipated to be the iconic adventure heroine of the 21st century. She currently resides in the American southwest.