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Sunday April 28th, 9:00 – 11:30 AM

Arthur, a struggling writer, embarks on a desperate quest to mend his fractured life by resurrecting Arto, a character embodying his long-suppressed creative spirit. As Arthur grapples with the emotional distance that has grown between him and his wife, he becomes increasingly entwined in his artistic realm, yearning for validation and the hope of rekindling his dreams. However, the revived Arto rebels against his creator, setting Arthur on a harrowing path towards a tragic and unforeseen conclusion.

Hafid is an award-winning Moroccan-American Writer/Director, Actor and a Singer, who earned his Bachelor in Film from New Mexico State University and an MFA in directing from Vermont College of Fine arts. At an early age Hafid was a singer at the Moroccan Regional Orchestra Conservatory and an actor/writer/director at the local theater company. He wrote and directed his own first plays at the age of 20. Hafid is also a singer winner at the 1996 tv competition of the Moroccan 2M Tv channel. Since his move to USA, Hafid has been active in so many projects that led to some awards. The combination of multilingualism and an exotic background have enabled Hafid to have a multicultural diversity and a huge understanding of the world view which helps him tell better stories perspectively.

Hafid speaks multiple languages: Arabic, Berber, French, English and Some Spanish & German.


Hafid Abdelmoula


Hafid Abdelmoula


Hafid Abdelmoula, Trudel Abdelmoula


Mark Vasconcellos, Hector Dez, Elizabeth Gonzales, Irene Taylor, Skivi Merideth, Manfred Strobach (Director of Cinematography)

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