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Based on true events. Set in an residential aged care home, protagonist Grace is beginning an internship at this home. She is going through a few life struggles while working at this home. Inès, a resident in the aged care facility that brings life into the home, guides Grace through her challenges while Inès goes through a few challenges of her own.


SuzanMarie is an actress, author, director and producer based in Sydney. At the age of four, SuzanMarie fell in love with acting after attending NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art). Once she decided to pursue a career in acting, SuzanMarie starred in ABC Me’s hit TV show, ‘Bushwhacked Bugs!’

While performing in numerous feature films, television series and plays, and graduating university with a Bachelor in Psychology, SuzanMarie simultaneously began writing her first book, ‘150 Words That Will Never Sound Angry (most of the time),’ in 2021. In this book, SuzanMarie has curated a dictionary of words that will never sound angry in any conversation. SuzanMarie discusses and digresses words from ‘aglet’ to ‘zoo’ by influencing mindfulness into our daily conversations. ‘150 Words That Will Never Sound Angry (most of the time). Use them wisely…’

SuzanMarie has written, produced and will be starring in a film called ‘A Bird on the Balcony.’ Some of the cast for the film include, Tony Bonner, Huw Higginson, Hannah Waterman and Anneliese Apps.

SuzanMarie starred in a film for The United Nations called ‘Forced Marriage’ which was supported by the likes of, Russell Crowe, Kate Walsh and Teresa Palmer. The film has won several awards and was produced by the Minderoo Foundation founded by Grace and Andrew Forrest for the Walk Free / Every Woman, Every Child campaign.








SuzanMarie Will Cels Oriana Panozzo Shabnam Tavakol

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Movies and Australia. Movie stars from Australia. That is the present day. But before the talented ‘down under’ folks came over to the States to become major superstars, it was just Australia and kangaroos! Ha. I speak from the point of view as a kid from the 70s. The 1970s. You know, those of us that have memory and experience of “before cable” when there were only 3 channels: ABC, CBS and NBC plus Public TV. And as I recall, the ONLY show EVER aired about Australia featured kangaroos. I remember not even knowing whether people populated Australia because it seemed
kangaroos were perfectly capable and in charge. And they were quite fascinating. Plus I don’t remember the show featuring any people. Or maybe my memory is only recalling the interesting part. So, it made sense. Kangaroos only populated Australia. Yes, the sweet memories of yesteryear and being a kid.

The writer/actor/director/producer of “Grace” is from …no, not Greece.
Yes, Australia! (you knew that).

SuzanMarie (one name) is a young, talented and ambitious artist that’s beginning to share her stories with the world.
In Grace, and as Grace, she plays a young intern assigned to an old folks home. Perhaps it’s an old folks home filled with people ready to die. Counting the days. Refusing the bad red jello. Surviving, not living their last days –
perhaps with pessimism and a sense of defeat and regret and fear of death. It could be a depressing situation to endure. So she thinks. And anticipates. Or not. Maybe she should have majored in Algebra, and
skipped this internship, she thinks. But really, it’s a retirement home populated with many older individuals
that still can contribute their stories and experiences from their yesteryears. And individuals that still have a life to live and memories to make and share. Will anyone benefit from this experience?
Will it change anyone’s lives? Is it even supposed to be?

Perhaps folks that will enjoy SuzanMarie’s “Grace” the most are those that are most attuned to the dynamics of caregiving and human relationships in the retirement home setting.
There’s a lot of possibilities. And when you take away the setting, it comes down to people. People exchanging ideas. People interacting with each other. And one could argue,
that regardless of intent or motivation, our every interaction impacts us as people. And so we go back to the old adage compliments of writer George Bernard Shaw: We don’t stop playing
because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

Jean Sulli

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