In God We Trust

Showtime: Dec 11th, 5:45 PM at the Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe

A veteran attempting to adjust back to civilian life finds himself in the house of God. Seeking solace from the darkness inside of himself he pleads with the Lord but is answered, instead,by a lone nun. The nun reveals that no one is available to hear his confession at this late hour however our veteran makes a compelling case otherwise while brandishing a hand gun. Convinced they take a seat.

The veteran explains his service in the military and just a small amount of the brutality witnessed. In an attempt to commiserate the lone nun is berated with the veteran’s inner most demons brought upon him by the horrors of modern warfare. Most importantly the veteran recounts a tale of a beautiful young girl who was disfigured by the same people she called neighbor. All of these events have cause our veteran to question the very existence of God. His crisis comes to a boiling point when he draws his weapon. When faced with these overwhelming burdens and unanswered question the only answered seemed to be suicide. Feeling the weight of the situation truly set in our nun makes a plea for him to spare his own life but for himself but for the others in the world who don’t know the horrors and those did not come back. This more personal connection convinces the veteran to give up his gun and through a final bit of consoling the nun is able to bring some level of peace to this burdened veteran. With the peace and love of the Lord our veteran is sent on his way but still waters run deep. Like a snake shedding its snake our nun makes her through the church to the back room. Once inside she places the retrieved gun on the table and begins to speak. She, too, begins to question the existence of the lord and of all the evils allowed in this world. It is revealed that she is not alone in this office. The nun is accompanied by a restrained priest who looks a bit roughed up. It appears there is some unfinished business to be had as we leave them to their devices.


David C Diaz

Year Released:






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