Land of the Free: OUT OF THE SHADOWS

107 West Barcelona Road Santa Fe, NM 87505

Sunday February 19th, 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Shown with: Kasturba Gandhi: Accidental Activist

This film, which had its world premiere to an invitation only audience in London’s House of Commons in June this year, has been instrumental in an HISTORIC Bill to ban the imports of trophy hunting which just PASSED UNANIMOUSLY in The House overnight (November 25, 2022)! This is an enormous triumph and a huge step towards ending this heinous and despicable LEGAL industry – FOREVER!

Shot in Uganda, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa, London, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Australia, both overtly and covertly, “Land of the Free: OUT OF THE SHADOWS” goes where no film has ever dared to go before to expose the full depth of subversion and the nefarious disinformation campaigns systematically perpetrated by the trophy hunting industry.

Featuring icons, legends and real life superheroes including her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (by special license from the Parliamentary Recording Unit UK), Priscilla Presley, Tippi Hedren, His Excellency the former President of Botswana Lt Gen Seretse Ian Khama, Dame Dr Jane Goodall, Virginia McKenna OBE star of the immortal classic “Born Free”, 2019 Albert Schweitzer Award recipient John Thompson from Washington DC, BAFTA winning actor Peter Egan, Sir Roger Gale MP (UK), those indigenous peoples on the ground where trophy hunting is occurring and many others.

20 years in the making,

Directed by Emmy nominated director James Ganiere.

Musical score by Grammy nominated composer Mauritz Lotz.

Sound design by Oscar winner Nigel Christensen.

Original songs by the inspirational Mzansi Youth Choir of Soweto, a choir comprised of children plucked from the slums of Soweto who often had no parents, no inside toilet facilities and frequently had no food to eat but they had the God given gift of music. They have gone on to receive standing ovations in the Royal Albert Hall London and have performed with superstars as diverse as Andrea Bocelli to Beyoncé.

Title track from Richard Loring’s international stage sensation “African Footprint”. This show premiered on Robbin Island with Nelson Mandela on Millennium Eve to a global television audience of 1.5 billion people.

Together, this determined and courageous team shares a passion to ban the LEGAL slaughter of endangered species for nothing more than gratuitous pride, pleasure and profit. Together their aim is to switch the species on the endangered list to… the trophy hunter.

land_of_the_free_-_out_of_the_shadows_official_trailer_v3b (Original) from Melanie Perry on Vimeo.



James Ganiere


Lynn Santer


Lynn Santer, James Ganiere





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