Rekindling Christmas


Sunday April 28th, 8:00 – 10:00 PM

Annika Marshall and Jesse Winchester were the perfect couple in college. But a week after becoming engaged, Jesse was drafted into the NFL, and never came back. Now, years later, Jesse is back with a blown out knee and only one goal in sight, to live a simple life and win Annika back. But Annika’s walls are high and her pain deep, and it will take the help of Annika’s son TJ, every play in Jesse’s book, and just a pinch of Christmas Magic to gain her forgiveness and her heart.

Director, and Emmy® Nominated producer James Ganiere is a Producers Guild of America and TV Academy member, and Alumni of USC School of Cinema, a TEDX speaker, geek and family man.
Founder and president of Rio Vista Universal, a fixer, strategist, tech, data and creative, Ganiere is the consummate empire builder with past clients ranging from Hewlett Packard where he headed up the the Worldwide Database Team to establishing the first U.S. Bank presence in California, to working with EMMY®, OSCAR®, GRAMMY® winners.
James truly does “Carpe Diem” with projects that range from GEAR HEADS on DISCOVERY and A+E’s AMERICA’s TOP DOG, to directing and producing a documentary across 4 continents, to live events like FARSCAPE: 20th Anniversary San Diego Comic Con partnering with The Jim Henson Company, to VR for WARNER BROTHERS and DISNEY, to narrative feature films. He creates teams and relationships which operate at the highest level of efficiency. James is highly productive, effective communicator, confident, grounded, self aware, emotionally intelligent, insightful, family and relationship oriented, and a comic con geek who gravitates to highly commercial projects and those with heart having to do with animals, children or family.

Director Statement

In 1977 my sister was faced with staying at home to watch her 5 year old brother (me) or take me on her date to the Drive-In movie with her boyfriend. In the front seat of a small VW Bug, with a milk carton of whoppers, STAR WARS filled the windshield and changed my life forever. I knew it was possible to create elaborate worlds that seemed so real even though they did not exist except in someones mind and mine was so packed with ideas I had to get out.


James Ganiere


Rebekah R. Ganiere


James Ganiere, Ashley Atwood, Bonnie Emerson, David Bartlett, Rebekah Ganiere


Ashley Atwood, Michael Patrick Lane, Christian Ganiere, Raini Rodriguez, Thomas Hobson, Sal Velez Jr., Stella Grubb, Gidget Taylor, Steve LarkinK, James Ganiere

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