Stories from the grass

418 Montezuma Ave, Santa Fe, NM. 87501

Sunday, April 28th, 10:00 AM

A short film about the author Anne J. Thomas and the artist J. A. Fleming, who are one and the same. A thoughtful and evocative film about her life and inspirations that captures her experience running a wild horse sanctuary along the Santa Fe Trail in New Mexico. With her love of New Mexico history, she takes advantage of her location to relive some of the Santa Fe Trail with her dog Holly and horse Fancy and the ghosts of those who came before.

An artist and author, Jackie Fleming runs a wild horse sanctuary along the old Santa Fe Trail in New Mexico. Originally from UK, via Hong Kong and Singapore, Jackie was drawn to New Mexico through her love of Westerns and old west history. As a consequence of that, she has used her passion to inspire her artwork, writing and film making, which she sees as an extension of her creativity. With no formal training, she tends to be a “jack of all trades,” and usually takes on the role of writer, director, cameraman and editor!


Jackie Fleming


Jackie Fleming


Jackie Fleming


Jackie Fleming

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Jackie Fleming’s short film truly captures the beauty of New Mexico. She highlights the landscape with her camera, as we see the beautiful fauna and flora. This lush and meditative film is quiet but fully immerses the viewer in the day-to-day life of Fleming. Fleming illustrates a deep love for the state as she highlights her journey to coming to live in New Mexico. Sound is also utilized effectively as she cuts the music and focuses on rain noise as she speaks of the importance of rain in New Mexico, demonstrating to the audience how important it is. Overall, Fleming portrays a very intimate look into her life while showcasing her reverie for the state’s history and the land itself. This film will feel wonderfully familiar to those living in New Mexico. While others who are not from the state will be able to get a real sneak peek at what life can look like here.

Shayna Freedman

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