Workshop: Directing Intimate Scenes-The Intimacy Coordinators Perspective

Saturday, February 18th at 2:30 PM

Free of charge

107 W. Barcelona Rd., Santa Fe, NM. 87505

Learn how to sculpt intimate scene-work for your film alongside working Intimacy Coordinator, Actor and Filmmaker, Rebekah Wiggins. 

First, she will go through introductions and all 6 Keys to Establishing Intimate Scene Work for Film. Then, she will introduce 3 Intimate Scenes. These scenes are a vast range of intimate scene selections that will serve to demonstrate the various types of scenes that would be appropriate to collaborate with an IC on. Once I’ve introduced our 3 Intimate Scenes, she will pull three volunteer directors/filmmakers up to collaborate with her and the talent to craft choreography for these scenes. Each director will improvise an imagined shot list and…from there…she will generate choreography with the talent for each individual Intimate Scene. After choreography is set, each scene will be performed in front of the audience, to demonstrate the work in action.

Finally, will close in a traditional “container” practice and meditation for the group. NOTE : All talent will be fully clothed during this work as well as masked, if they prefer. Touching will be minimized compared to the traditional work we do on set (no kissing, intimate touching etc). In addition to these safety measures for talent, I will meet with each scene work group via zoom to discuss all scene work / choreography prior to the workshop. This will allow them to show up comfortable and prepared.

Rebekah Wiggins has 16 years of experience as a SAG AFTRA member and as a successful indie-producer. As an Intimacy Coordinator, she has worked alongside A List Talent in collaboration with Netflix, A24 Studios, and multiple indie-production companies since 2017.


Rebekah Wiggins



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