Museo Cultural


Showtime: Saturday Dec 5th, 7:00 PM at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe Best Animation Category: Number Two – dir. Michelle Catalanotto, Albuquerque, TRT 3 min.  Two solitary forest creatures prove how far they will go for friendship. Bio: Michelle Catalanotto is a traditional…


Imba Means Sing

Showtime: Saturday Dec 5th, 4:30 PM at el Museo Cultural de Santa Fe > Buy Tickets Imba Means Sing is a character-driven, heartfelt story of resilience and the impact of education. The film follows Moses, Angel and Nina from the slums of Kampala,…

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Showtime: Friday Dec 4th, 7:00 AM at el Museo Cultural de Santa Fe > Buy Tickets Q&A with director, Rod McCall, after the screening. This is a fable, a tale of magical realism, with a strange, child-like ‘Visitor’ at its center: a silent…


Mother’s Day

Showtime: Friday Dec 4th, 4:30 PM at el Museo Cultural de Santa Fe. In attendance: Star and Producer Gabriel Furman. A tragedy forces a mother and son to come together. One must find the strength to say goodbye. Shown with feature Leaves of…

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Almost Friends

Showtime: Thursday Dec 3rd, 4:30 PM at el Museo Cultural de Santa Fe > Buy Tickets I don’t want to play with your crowd Samar and Linor live only 67 km apart, but between them is the abyss of suspicion and hate that exists…

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Children of the Arctic

Showtime: Thursday Dec 3rd, 8:30 PM at Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe Q&A with director, Nick Brandestini, after the screening. For the Iñupiat teenagers of Barrow, Alaska, growing up is a little more complicated than it was for their ancestors. They are the…

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Flashing on the Sixties

Showtime: Wednesday Dec 2nd, 7:30 PM at el Museo Cultural de Santa Fe > Buy Tickets Q&A with director, Lisa Law, after the screening. Lisa Law’s documentary on the Woodstock-era, based on her photographic book of the same title. Woodstock, the Human Be-In, the…

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Eco De La Montaña

Showtime: Thursday Dec 3rd, 6:00 PM at Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe A portrait of the great Wixarika (Huichol) artist, Santos de la Torre, who lives in near anonymity in the Western Sierra Madre.

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