Midnight Shanghai plus shorts 

Showtime: Feb 10th, 4:30 PM at the Jean Cocteau Cinema

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Money? (5 mins.) (Dir. Tyler Cole & Writer Aaron Burt)

Even in passion projects, it always comes down to the bottom line.

How Not to Buy a Couch (7 mins.) (Dir. Anna Ramey Borden and Rhea Seehorn)

To freeze or not to freeze?  That turns out NOT to be the question at all for Emma; a woman looking for a life, not a life partner.

The Entrada (10 mins.) (Dir. Mark Lewis)

Working late in a museum, a foreign exchange student finds her decision to keep a Native artifact may have horrific consequences.

Batter Up (7 mins.) (Dir. Chad BrownEagle)

Two young brothers are forced to say goodbye in the aftermath of an apocalyptic world.

Midnight Shanghai (33 mins.) (Dir. Ricky Lee)

Woo Chen is on the run from a railroad work camp.  Ela is hired by Chen’s brother to find her and get to safety.  Although Ela is guided by Gopan on her search for Woo Chen she shares a dark history with the sheriff, JC.

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