Kae Astra – Softly Tread


Alone in a beautiful house, a 70’s style dream woman grapples with inner emotions using paint as a highly stylized metaphor for journaling and rewriting the truth.c

Director Biography – Jackie Pardue Scripps

Jackie, a San Antonio, Texas native, is a filmmaker and photographer based both in Austin, Texas and New Mexico. Jackie has a passion for beautiful imagery and honest connection. Inclusiveness, diversity, and creativity are core principles of her work.

Jackie’s films have been official selections of the Austin Spotlight Film Festival, Sacramento Underground Film and Arts Festival, and Reykjavik Visions Film Festival. Her work has also been featured by Alamo Drafthouse, 4 x 5 Photo Fest, Vogue Italia, and various spots online.

Jackie earned an MA in International Studies from Texas State University, along with a BA in Anthropology and BA in History. Currently she is completing the Digital Video Certificate Program at Austin School of Film.

Jackie is a wife, mother of two, and owner of three cats and two dogs. She loves cold brew, Texas Public Radio, and great cinematography.

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Director Statement

An abstract take on journaling and “coming home” to the self, this piece was truly a team effort, created by a wonderful, diverse, and mainly female crew. Here the paint acts as ink; as if this woman were writing or rewriting her experiences on herself and her surroundings. As we watch, this woman is actively creating an entirely new narrative for herself and externalizing her emotions by altering her environment in a very dramatic fashion. As an abstract piece, there are many ways these images and themes could be interpreted. One interpretation relevant to current events and the BLM movement could be a woman grappling with her privilege and race, ultimately seeking to come to terms with truth and empathize with others. Kae is a very talented artist and extraordinarily kind human, and it was a joy to create this piece with her.


Jackie Pardue Scripps


Valeria Ayala

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