A Night in the Shelter

Around 5 PM every evening buses start arriving at a former prison on the high barren mesa 20 miles west of Albuquerque. The Westside Emergency Shelter will sleep 400 homeless men, women and children tonight. And buses will take them back to the city in the morning, It is a place of unsuspecting beauty, grace and grit. This film spends 2 days and a night there.

Director Biography – Robert Belinoff

Bob has been making award winning documentaries for 25 years.
When he closed up shop in Los Angeles he moved back home to Corrales. New Mexico and started making short experimental and documentary films. His fantasy short “Georgia Okeeffe and Me” won Best Comedy of the year from New Mexico Film Production Office in 2017, and a dozen other festival awards, including 7 other “Bests”. Since then he has produced four additional short experimental films. Between them they have won six “Best Film” awards in film festivals in the U.S.

He attended the University of Illinois, graduating in 1967 with a Masters in Film and Television. He lives in Corrales, New Mexico.


Director Statement

Every city has its own kind of homelessness. Albuquerque is unique in that the principal shelter is located far from downtown. The isolation of the shelter has contributed to a spirit of comradely and teamwork among the many caring individuals who serve the homeless. I wanted to explore what it means in these politically divisive times, to be a caring society – looking after one another in a remote and isolated family shelter. .


Robert Belinoff


Robert Belinoff


Robert Belinoff

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