When a student class election goes off the rails, it’s up to two junior reporters to get to the bottom of it. But they soon find it’s more than high school antics they are up against.

Director Biography – Hunter F. Burns

Hunter F. Burns is a Denver based filmmaker and producer at November Films. He was directed three shorts, and will be producing a web series called “LAME” this year.



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I love politics, petty drama, and movies equally so a film about Watergate in a high school was natural.


Hunter F. Burns


Hunter F. Burns


JT Blackman

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All The President’s Men was inspiration for first time filmmaker writer/director Hunter F. Burns in his short film “All The Student Council’s Men.”

Stylistically fashionable, the short isn’t a drama or a parody as much as it’s a bit of homage to the 1976 political thriller. It takes a comedic trip back to high school and a race for student council president. But there’s a suspicion of shenanigans and of something going on in the race that isn’t kosher and is hidden from the student body. Two high school investigative junior reporters are hot on the trail of suspected malfeasance hoping to uncover it before it’s too late. Guidance comes to them in the form of clues and directives in an unexpected way, from an unnamed source who seems to hold more cards than can be juggled. Answers do come at the end of the story and you kind of wish that it wasn’t over because the characters were fun to watch and were very entertaining in this short film.

Writer/director Hunter F. Burns is a first time filmmaker from Denver, Colorado.
His current film making plans includes a web series with plans of the segments being released throughout this year.

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