Amy is struggling to recover from a tragic loss, when she’s rear-ended by a strange man who helps her navigate her way forward to a new beginning.

Director Biography – Drew Ann Rosenberg

Drew grew up in Princeton, New Jersey and graduated from Brown University. She began her career in the arts working at Playwright’s Horizons Theatre in New York City. She’s a classically trained singer and has studied the craft of directing extensively with Alan Arkin, Milton Katselas, Judith Weston and James Pasternak. Before becoming a director, Drew ADed for some of the finest directors, including on 6 academy award-winning films: LA CONFIDENTIAL, PHILADELPHIA, MISERY, REVERSAL OF FORTUNE, RUNNING ON EMPTY and TREVOR as well as 7 features for HBO.

Drew is a 2019 member of the DGA’s DDI Directing Mentorship program, a group of 20 directors selected by the DGA to be mentored by high profile TV directors. Her first feature, SEX AND A GIRL, stars Genevieve Bujold, Ellen Greene, Robert Hays Angela Gots and Soleil Moon Frye, premiered on Showtime and Lifetime Networks in the US and was released theatrically in Europe and Asia. FOLLOW THE PROPHET, had a theatrical US release and stars David Conrad, Tom Noonan and Diane Venora. Drew was one of a handful of directors who shot 65 one-hour episodes for an off-net telenovella series, SAINTS & SINNERS. She also wrote and directed the short film, DAYBREAK, which received an LA Emmy. Work as a Second Unit Director includes THE RETURNED, STARKID and NOW AND THEN.

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Director Statement

My yoga teacher, Amy, told a story in class about a man who had just purchased a new car. He was so excited about how beautiful it was and well made. He gets into his new treasure and drives off down the road. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a junker car rams into him from behind. At this moment, the man has a choice. He can either choose to be very angry and rude to this person who stupidly rammed into him, or he can decide not to hold onto his frustration and let go of his anger. He wisely chooses the latter.
It turns out that the poor immigrant man who hit him is a highly skilled craftsman who makes him a beautiful piece of art. The craftsman has a large family and the man with the new car is old and alone. By choosing not to dwell on the negative result of the accident, the lonely old man gains a lifelong friend and family, as well as a beautiful work of art for his home to remember them by. Sometimes when bad things happen, if we maintain a positive outlook, good things can follow. Kind of a Zen approach to finding happiness in life.
This gave me the idea for my short; a woman who has been emotionally closed down by grief and can only attach herself to inanimate objects, discovers that by letting go, she can perhaps find a new beginning.
I believe people create barriers between each other because they fear what is unfamiliar. If we are open to strangers, we will find tolerance and compassion for beings different than ourselves and in the experience bring a deeper fulfillment to our lives.
My mantra in life: “familiarity breeds understanding”. If people from diverse worlds can get to know each other better, perhaps their hearts will open. Hopefully yours will too when you watch this film.


Drew Ann Rosenberg


Gigi Gaston


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