Benjamin Troubles

Showtime: Saturday Dec 5th, 7:30 PM at The Screen in Santa Fe.

Q&A with director, Kai Ephron, after the screening.

A down on his luck couch-surfer, Ben Solano, is kicked out of his home, fired from his job, has his possessions stolen, is mugged, and then, finally, beat up. Only to be comforted by a homeless man who gives Ben a pair of jeans that produce a $100 dollar bill every hour as long as Ben does not take them off.

As Ben struggles to help his Dad, various characters from his past interrupt the journey. To make matters worse, he’s falling for Nova, a crime lord’s daughter. Together with his best friend, Miles, Ben evades LAPD’s finest, traverses the desert, and joins Nova in outsmarting Glitch, an Australian drug thug.

With the pacing of a Guy Richie film, Benjamin Troubles is a double-crossing ride for a down-on-his-luck twenty something who’s only desire is to find a way out of his magic cash-machine.




Kai Ephron


Lee Ross

Year Released:



United States


95 minutes

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