Scholar Selects Program 1


Showtime: Friday Dec 4th, 4:30 PM at the Center for Progress & Justice
1420 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87505

Listen (13 minutes) Directed by amy Ramezan & Rungano Nyoni, Denmark
A foreign woman in a burqa brings her young son to a Copenhagen police station to get away from her abusive husband, yet the translator assigned to her seems unwilling to convey the true meaning of her words to the police, thus corrupting the truth of her terrible situation.

The Stream (11 minutes) Directed by Claudia Fucigna, USA, 2015
Blair, a father who takes underground fights for cash, learns of a brain condition that gives him supernatural visions.

The Mother (11 minutes) Directed by Paolo Monico, USA, 2015
When a hardened widow receives an unexpected visit, she is given the chance to shed light on her husband’s death.

Merry Misery (6 minutes) Directed by Jamie Oon, Canada, 2015
A meticulous housewife fed up with her husband’s apathy, begins to lose her wits.

Sprint to the Past (16 minutes) Directed by Selkin Fedor Russia, 2013
“Sprint to the past”  shot in Russia in 2014. It is Selkin Fedor’s debut authors project about academic rowing. The main idea of the film is not only to show the rowing but also to understand the feeling of the main hero, to show the relationship between the characters, to show the situation in sport in our times, that situation is typical not only in sport but in many other spheres of life in Russia. Very good words of Sergey ( one of the main characters ) – “ It worked out like that ! “ also reflects the situation in the life of our country in our times.

Whale Valley (15 minutes) Directed by Franc Planas (Gudmundur Arnar)
The film shows a strong bond between two brothers that live in a remote fjord with their parents. We look into their world through the eyes of the younger brother and follow him on a journey that marks a turning point in the brothers’ lives.

Edmazinbiiget (11 minutes) Directed by Christian Chapman
Edmazinbiiget, (Anishinaabe for he/she who draws), is a secluded recluse who lives off the land with a need to create art, in a time where the Woodland School is in its infancy.  Beginning in 2008, painter and printmaker Christian Chapman began his six-year journey of storytelling through film. Using black and white Super 8 film, which gives a grainy and nostalgic feel to the picture, Chapman captures the story of a fictitious Woodland artist who lives his days in the bush in his filmEdmazinbiiget. Shot throughout all four seasons in his home community of Fort William First Nation on the shores of Lake Superior, Chapman strives to tell the story about the artists that have inspired him. Jackson Beardy, Carl Ray, Benjamin Chee Chee, and Norval Morrisseau are talents who have inspired Chapman by embracing their life in remote locations while creating captivating pieces of art and expression.

We Can’t Live Without Cosmos (15 minutes) Directed by Konstantin Bronzit, USA 2015
Two cosmonauts, two friends, try to do their best in their everyday training life to make their common dream a reality. But this story is not only about the dream.


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