418 Montezuma Ave, Santa Fe, NM. 87501 Friday, April 26th, 3:00 PM “Slide” is the tale of a mythical cowboy who appears in a logging town to battle the evil mayor and his equally selfish twin brother, with the aid…

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The Letter League

418 Montezuma Ave, Santa Fe, NM. 87501 Thursday, April 25th, 2:30 PM The Letter League tells the story of Queer artist Heather Spooner and the adult pen pal program she created during the 2020 pandemic, featuring the poignant and humorous…

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Saturday, February 18th at 1:30 PM Featured in Made in New Mexico Shorts Program

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Make Me

Make Me is a single shot, drone music video with destructive meteors, explosions, fire and robots. About the song: It’s a song about heart ache and dreaming of a perfect future. The mental state of the song is in the…

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Rhino N’ Bird

A symbiotic relationship between a parasitic bird and a grumpy rhino, stuck together on the open plains of Africa. Their family kinships goes back generations, bringing them to modern day. Discussing topics like family, grooming, disease, and survival. Director – Bradley…

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In the snow-covered ruins of 24th century Toronto, AEGIS, a humanoid war machine, leads a team of five robot-bound digital-humans into the the real world (aka the “E-X-T”) to retake an enemy-occupied server installation vital to the survival of their…


The Winter

Walking in a snowy forest, a peasant sees an unusual deer and goes to follow it. The deer allures him and the peasant even wants to catch it. Director Biography – Xin Li Xin is a Chinese born animator and filmmaker…

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The Spirit Seam

The Spirit Seam is a short animated film about a little girl, Pollywog, and her Pap-Paw. Located in an Appalachain coal-mining town in the 1950s, the film takes the audience through the daily life of both characters. At the start…

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A pro bono lawyer and her client Soledad fight for Soledad’s right to asylum just as the Trump Administration changes the rules for asylum seekers. ​ This film weaves live action and animation to tell the story of a courageous…