Black Heart, Red Hands

Set against the stunning backdrop of one of Australia’s World Heritage-listed National Parks; a first-time killer is about to be shown what it really takes to pull off the perfect crime.

Director Biography – Russell Southam


Always the Producer, sometimes a Writer and now a first-time Director. This is my first project at the helm and I loved it so much I am following up with additional projects now as the Director.


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Director Statement

The film grew out of the idea of what if the place where someone goes to hide their crimes was, in fact, the same place currently being used by a far more experienced and cunning criminal mind. The opportunity to then twist a chance encounter into a well-crafted alibi for one at the expense of the other gathered momentum with two stories to explore. Setting the story in a large national park with hundreds of thousands of square kilometres of forest, hiking tracks, and camping spots seemed to offer up plenty of scope for a serial killer to operate while providing the opportunity to remain elusive.
I would like to take this moment to thank you for your time in reading about, watching and hopefully enjoying my work.
Russell Southam, AUSTRALIA

My film was shot using the Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K


Russell Southam


Russell Southam


Russell Southam, Adam Spinks, Owen Elliott

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