When Johnny, an unemployed hipster, stumbles across his latest passion project, he becomes obsessed with baking the perfect loaf of sourdough bread. As he delves deeper and deeper into his bread making he clashes with his girlfriend, Mary, who just wants him to get a real job. When Johnny discovers that his local supermarket is holding a contest for the best loaf of bread in Ireland, he becomes unhinged, taking on the persona of a mad scientist which results in devastating consequences.

Director Biography – Brian Robinson, Dáire McNab


Brian and Dáire have worked on various projects together, but usually with Dáire in the directing seat, and Brian as an actor. When Brian set out to bring his own vision to the big screen he sought out Dáire’s wisdom and experience to help guide him through. Together they were able to bring this unique story to life.




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Director Statement

This story has truly been inspired by personal experience. As an avid sourdough baker I found myself constantly working with dough, getting it under my fingernails and all over my clothes. One winter I had a sore throat that I couldn’t shake so I went to the doctor and she swabbed for streptococcus. A few weeks later when my throat was all better I got my results back from the lab. They found no sign of streptococcus but they did find a colony of yeast cells! It was there and then I realized that I was being consumed by my passion for sourdough bread.


Brian Robinson, Dáire McNab


Brian Robinson


Ken Williams, Denis Fitzpatrick, Brian Robinson

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