Enough for a Lifetime

Shown in Culture and Connection Shorts Program

107 West Barcelona Road Santa Fe, NM 87505

Saturday February 18th, 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Lifted entirely from a woman’s journal, her feelings are visualized to reflect the various emotional peaks and troughs she goes through. 

Director Statement

The words in the film were lifted entirely from Darby’s journal. With her being the writer/star of the film, I felt a tremendous responsibility to uphold the intention of what she wanted to express. I wanted the visual aspect of the piece to reflect the various emotional peaks and troughs she goes through without being too on the nose. It was an interesting balance because we had to shoot everything essentially twice, once for the beginning of the film (static, quiet, dark) and once for the end (handheld, excited, light). It was a wonderful journey to be able to explore these ideas with Darby and be able to share them with you!


Benjamin David Hoffman


Darby Gaëlle Hannon


United States


6m 30s


    • Yes short films are in competition. There are both jury awards and audience awards as well as honorees selected by staff and board. See you at the movies!

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