Shorts Program: Culture and Connection

107 W. Barcelona Rd., Santa Fe, NM. 87505

Saturday, February 18th at 4:30 PM

Golden Ears – Fortaleza

(Dir. Evan Bourque) (5 mins.) (Canada)

An elderly nomad tries to impress a woman he’s never met.


Enough for a Lifetime

(Dir. Benjamin David Hoffman) (6 mins.) (USA)

A visual exploration of a young woman’s journal to show the emotional peaks and troughs she goes through.



(Dir. Richard Louis Ulrich) (15 mins.) (USA)

An isolated Vietnam veteran searches for community and connection. In person: Director Richard Louis Ulrich



(Dir. Tommy Petroskey) (16 mins.) (USA)

When a grieving widower tries to bear loneliness by burying himself in books, he unexpectedly finds company in the pages. In person: Actor Robert McKeon.


Bourn Kind: The Tiny Kindness Project

(Dir. Rachel Myers) (12 Mins.) (USA)

A Black- Jewish street artist, confronts the fear and isolation of the moment through art, and creates a street mural project to celebrate kindness and connection in his community.

Swimming Through

(Dir. Samantha Sanders) (14 mins.) (USA)

Three friends and open water swimmers make a pact to continue through the snow and ice as the pandemic rages on.

Resist: The Resistance Revival Chorus

(Dir. Susan O’Brien) (19 mins.) (USA)

In the midst of a country divided, a diverse group of women and non-binary individuals unite through the historic power of music to create a movement ignited by song.


(Dir. Dorothy Allen Pickard) (12 mins.) (U.K.)

A group of elderly women form a Spice Girl tribute band to earn a quick buck when one friend can’t pay her bills.



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