Fred and Emile

Showtime: Dec 9th, 7:00 PM at the Jean Cocteau Cinema

Fred Riley and Emile Dufour recall the trials and tribulations they have faced for being gay throughout their lives. This documentary short is a co-production of Image Theater and Breaking Branches Pictures. With Fred Riley and Emile Dufour. Directed, Filmed and Edited by Christian de Rezendes, Produced by Jerry Bisantz, Music by Stephen Gilbane, Production Consultant Ann Garvin.

Written by Christian de Rezendes


‘Fred and Emile’ were the first gay men to announce their marriage in the front page of The Lowell Sun newspaper. Their colorful past and innate charm presents a vivid picture of ‘the bad old days’ and the strides that have been achieved. Now in their 80’s, the film profiles these two recently married gay men and the hurdles they encountered in their lives across several decades.


Christian de Rezendes

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