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A girl named “Shadi” from proletariat experiences many humiliations in her social and personal relations continuously. When Shadi finds a better financial situation, she makes an incomprehensible and immoral decide so as to put and end on her humiliations and a new era of her life begins.

I am Afshin eisaei, born in 1988. I studied architecture at university. I have been writing short stories since I was ten years old and I made my first short film with Handycam cameras at the age of fifteen. My professional career in cinema started at the age of 22 with acting. I learned cinema on my own by watching movies and reading a lot of books. I always need to learn so I do not stop. I made my first professional short film at the age of 28 and now at the age of 33 I have made four short films with international awards and I am in the process of writing a feature screenplay. In 2017, I graduated in filmmaking from the Young Cinema Association in the Tehran office. In my opinion, the world of cinema is an endless world.
Director Statement

An ordinary and repeated incident.
The story of a lot of people in the society who have no choice in something and just have to tolerate it because there is no way out.
People who only think about keeping up with the messed up situation they live in, and never even dream about the better life since they believe they don’t deserve it.


Afshin Eisaei


Afshin Eisaei


Sourosh Ghaderi


Merisa Sabour

Year Released:



Iran, Islamic Republic of




The opening shot is a nice pan of a city in Iran in what appears to be morning rush hour. Traffic is moving with cars and buses angling for dominance; pedestrians cautiously making their way and buildings and sky scrappers owning their space both in the background and foreground. In traffic, there’s a few polite honks but everything seems orderly and not particularly aggressive. I like the shot, because it gets me there. I’m in it. Experiencing it.

Certainly this is a big reason we go see foreign films. We want to see and learn and understand what is unfamiliar to us. A different country. A different culture. A different language and a different way of doing things. But as soon as those differences are recognized and noted, we start to see how similar we the people are, regardless of country. Our emotions. Our relationships. Our frustrations and our battles – it’s all so human and it turns out that in some ways, we’re often not so different after all.

This interesting short film was written by Afshin Eisaei, an Iranian filmmaker with some award winning shorts “under the belt” as we say in America, meaning that the skills and accomplishments, in this case – his short films – have been demonstrated and likely will be built upon.

“Yes by God, the only thing that has been underestimated in this period of time is human life,” she says.

Human life. Our one human life. What we do and what we don’t do – the actions we take and the actions we pass on, both have consequences, often not just for ourselves but for others too, not to mention the moral implications often weighing heavily.

This story centers around a woman that takes an action that will likely produce unintended permanent consequence of which she will not favor. What seemed like a necessary action at the time may be thought of as impulsive and desperate, – even violent – a harsh reality that may be understood by some and condemned by others but ultimately never endorsed by anyone. Usually.

Jean Sulli

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