I’m A Good Person

903 Early St, Santa Fe, NM. 87501

Friday April 26th, 12:30 – 2:30 PM

“I’m a Good Person” is a dark satirical comedy that explores toxic positivity and the darkness we discount by looking on the bright side. Helen’s intentions are (mostly) good. She’s sympathetic and sensitive and her glass is half-full, so why can’t she seem to connect with those around her? When she meets Mark, she finds more than just a lover – she finds someone who speaks her language. But as their relationship takes a twisted turn, Helen begins to doubt the man she’s let into her home.

TAMSIN TOPOLSKI is an actor/director from London. She studied Drama at Bristol University before training as an actor at Drama Centre London. She has directed several music videos for artists including LUMP, Kyla La Grange, Frida Touray and Saint Clair. Alongside directing, she continues to work as an actor. Her recent credits include Atlanta (FX) and Slow Horses (Apple TV).





Tamsin Topolski


Ross O'Donnellan


Izzy Meikle-Small, Will Matthews


Laure Stockley, Ross O'Donnellan, Simon Plunket (Director of Photography) Hollie Buhagiar (Composer) Sam Mason (Sound Designer) Caitlin Spiller (Editor)

Year Released:







Mark and Helen. Helen and Mark. Just two young, naive, optimistic kids entering a new romantic relationship where both, after learning lessons from failed previous unions, try their darndest to love, support and adore one another while successfully navigating their full lives in present day London is not quite right as the summary of this short movie.

“I’ll wait in this place where the sun never shines.
Wait in this place, where the shadows run from themselves”.

To describe this, I initially thought, “delightfully dark.” But that feels uncomfortable and disturbing. Like we’re rooting for darkness and that we relish and enjoy the attractiveness of or in the darkness of humanity, the darkness of our individuality, the darkness of our souls. No, no and no.

It’s just satire. Like “just” qualifies or minimizes satire. It doesn’t. “Just” helps us ease into it.

It’s done really well here. It might make you squirm. And feel awkward because you will see bits of yourself and others and society’s expectations and demands in play. That twisted veneer of properness will make you question some widely accepted ethics and norms. But it’s quite genius in its sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious use of rationalizing, manipulation, projection, gaslighting and you may think, really it’s entertaining in being toxic and in pointing out the foibles of humankind.

Laure Stockley as Helen and Ross O’Donnellan as Mark give wonderfully convincing and believable performances. The balance was just right in nailing the nuances of their point of view and in communicating their individual character narcissism. Done badly, this movie wouldn’t be awesome, and it is.
One of these talented lead actors, also wrote this insightful and witty satire! Hats off to you, Sir.

And an enthusiastic nod to supporting actor Chad Saint Louis as Levi the waiter.

Directed by Tamsin Topolski and edited by Caitlin Spiller, this movie is super excellent, fun and enjoyable – good on you and on everyone involved in this impactful movie!

Jean Sulli

   It was uncomfortable to watch, but a good book, movie, or play can do that. In the end, that was necessary in order to create the ironic humor.We all know both of these archetypes. Very well done. Highly recommend. 9/10 stars.

Terry Mulcahy

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