Inner Self

A Violinist girl wants to enter an administrative building but as she lacks the formal hijab, she must stay in the waiting room. She is inspired by the events in the room to make her new piece.

Director Biography – Mohammad Hormozi

Mohammad Hormozi writer and director was born on january1983 in tehran _ Iran.
He started his work from University of Cinema since in 2008 and he directed 3 short film.
Trained in Abbas Kiarostami , Asghar Farhadi and Nasser Taghvaei Workshops.
He winner of several national and international awards Short films.

Short films:
Harmony 2017
Pine 2018
Inner Self 2019


Director Statement

All humans have great beauty in inner Self , but only some people feel it.
(In this story you see talent, repression, and opportunity)

Year Released:






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