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Friday, April 26th, 5:30 PM

Liza Asner, the daughter of the late actor Edward Asner, came to manage her father’s career, office and schedule in the last decade of his life and up to his passing in August 2021. During this time, she spread her wings as a theater producer, writer, and eventually filmmaker.

Liza produced the successful theater run of a political comedy entitled “God Help Us” which starred her famous father as The Almighty. The show had just hit its stride and was booking shows all over the country when the Covid19 pandemic began and shut down the tour.

Frustrated with the quarantine, she began to focus on what she could do with the downtime. Inspired by the success and theme of the play, she began working on a documentary that would examine the causes and possible solutions of political polarization in the United States.

Eventually interviewing nearly a dozen well known political figures, educators, scholars, community leaders and activists from both conservative and liberal sides of the aisle, the end result is “It Isn’t JUST Politics” which is a bipartisan discussion of how we got here and what we can do to solve the great divide between Americans.

Liza Asner (Producer, Writer & Director) is an award-winning filmmaker. From 2022-2023, her first film, a comedy-short starring her late-father and 7-time Emmy Winner Edward Asner and Academy Award nominee June Squibb was picked up by 12 different film festivals and garnered two wins. Now, in 2023, she is following her success up with a political documentary on polarization in America — “It Isn’t JUST Politics.”

Liza born and raised in L.A. but spent 22 years in Portland, OR working in promotions and advertising before returning to the City of Angels to assist her father Ed. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism from Northeastern University and later a Master of Science in Education (recipient of the Helene Krivosha School of Education Scholarship). She produced and voiced radio spots for Portland Saturday Market (largest continuous open-air crafts market in the world), ran the Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular at Fort Vancouver, worked in Production/Sales for KPTV Oregon’s 12, and managed the Saturday Conservatory of Music part-time for several years in L.A. Asner was Associate Producer of the film documentary MY FRIEND ED, voiced the role of Katherine in THE ROMANCING AND REAPING OF RIVEN ROCK, played the teacher in TIGER WITHIN, and played Cindy in PAINTING JANE. Asner was Casting Director/Stage Manager of Ed. Weinberger’s staged readings TWO JEWS TALKING with Ed Asner and Richard Kind and TWO SISTERS TALKING with Sally Struthers and June Squibb (2017) at the Falcon Theater. She was the Booker/Stage Manager of Weinberger’s A MAN AND HIS PROSTATE that toured for three years. She has two photo exhibits under her belt benefiting the Jewish Cuba Project and served as Producer, Stage Manager and Booker of Samuel Warren Joseph & Phil Proctor’s GOD HELP US, which starred Ed Asner which served as the genesis of her political documentary.


Liza Asner


Liza Asner


Liza Asner, Zander Edelman, Ryan Katzenbach

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  1. We are retired Special Education teachers in the mts outside of Spokane WA. We have been activists since high school/ college. My wife and me have the utmost respect for Ed Asner ( RIP).
    We are also members of DSA.

    I see U did a lot of multi media work Portland in at the same time I was there .( late 1970s early 1980s). I did lots of political organizing at that time. & helped cofound the KBOO/ PACIFICA News Dept. Was reporter for the time as well. Did some film work with Jim Blashfield/ Productions when he was based there.

    I came across your name from my dear friend, Kenneth S Stern, Bard College’s Study of Hate. ( Ken was one of my legal counsel s, 3rd yr law student then, in a political criminal case, 1976-77). We have continued to do political work together ever since since. ( it was his motion , In my case that allowed the government to drop a 5th count of conspiracy, letting me plead guilty to the other 4counts, did 5months at Lompoc Federal prison, came back to Portland, got my degree & then the Judge had my record expunged. Then I became a teacher. In Spokane.)

    I was wondering if your father ever spoke to you about what happened to Henry A Wallace, FDR’S VP 1940-44?
    Subsequently. at the 1944 convention Truman / Dixiecrats, conservative Democrats” stole ” VP spot from Henry A Wallace.
    Wallace went on to run on the Progressive Party ticket against Truman. ( see Senator John C Culver’s quintessential biography of Wallace ” American Dreamer ” & John Nichols ‘s ” The Fight For The Soul of The Democratic Party ” I’m guessing your father knew both those authors, etc)

    So, since you are a producer, I was wondering if u & your father ever discussed making a mini series about the ” Life & Times Of FDR’S VP: Henry A Wallace “, a ” WHAT IF” production.
    If u haven’t read those two books yet, Wallace play an incredible historical role for the New Deal & beyond. His political impact has never been fully recognized. ( see PBS documentary, it’s good).
    As FDR’S Secretary of Agricultural 1932-1940, & the 1940 VP running mate, FDR, seriously, might not have been re-elected w/o Henry A Wallace’s influence with famers & workers!
    Scott Wallace, ( Henry A Wallace’s grandson) Chair of the Wallace Global Fund , might be interested in helping to produce this undertaking.
    ( ironically, I’m friends with Daniel Wallace McLay, great grandson of Henry A Wallace, right her in Spokane. At the Family ‘s reunion a couple yrs ago, I asked Daniel to speak to Scott Wallace about this endeavor. Scott said he was interested. I haven’t been able to really pursue this project because of serious health issues, but I’m getting better now.)

    Thank you for your time. & hopefully who ever handles these emails for you will pass this on.

    Sincerely, Steven Queener.

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